Which Taxi to use in Bulgaria?

Taxi services are often used by tourists, therefore the industry is prone to fraudulent services such as overcharging, going via longer route, or not accounting for the fare. We have gathered useful information for anybody that needs to use a taxi in Bulgaria.

Good practices:
Before entering a taxi, always verify the tariffs (you can find the relative prices below).
♦   The cab operator is obligated to start the meter at the time of departure and to issue a receipt for the service provided.
  When arriving by train or a bus, do not accept the services of people on the street, but rather use the designated taxi stand. They are located near the entrances of the stations.
  Do not accept offers from taxi drivers with fixed fares. For example from the railroad station to the center of the city for 5 euro (the fare is less than 2 euro).
  The maximum prices set by the government is 0.65 euro per km and 0.80 euro for night fare.
  If you are requesting a taxi via phone, you can request a specific vehcile (larger if needed)


Bad practices:
It is wise to avoid the following actions
♦   Do not take a taxi when someone is calling you. There is usually an inflated bill.
♦   Do not take a taxi that you are not a hundred percent certain of.
♦   Do not take a taxi that promises better rates “off the clock”.
♦   Avoid advice from taxi drivers. Usually it is not trustworthy.




We have listed three trustworthy companies that you can use:

Ok SuperTrans is the only cab service that is authorized to work on Sofia International airport. For more information you can visit their website here. Their phone number is +359 2 973 2121.


Yellow Taxi is another reliable cab company in Bulgaria. Their fares are very close to OK SuperTrans. For more information, please visit their website here. Their phone number is +359 2 91 119.


Radio CV has a large fleet of vehicles. For more information about them, please visit their website here. Unfortunatelly their website is not in english. Their phone number is +359 2 91 263.


*Please keep in mind that the prices are approximated and depend on traffic or less congested routes, but there should not be more that 20% variation from the listed prices.
There is also an app called Taxi Me. The app provides cashless transactions, GPS to the destination, and driver ratings. We recommend using the app as everything is recorded and the leeway for fraudulent activities is very small.
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