Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha is the oldest nature park in the Balkans. Vitosha is separated into four main parts whose main ridges gather at a crown known as Cherni Vrah ('Black Peak', Bulgarian: черни връх).
About the mountain

Vitosha is the first park in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula. It was declared a national park on 27 October 1934. Nowadays, its territory is 27,079 ha. Two reservations are situated on its territory (biosphere reservation “Bistrishko Branishte” (Bistritsa Forest Reserve) and“Torfeno Branishte” (Turf Forest), as well as one natural landmark (the Duhlata Cave).
The “Bistrishko Branishte” reservation is situated on the north-eastern slope of Vitosha, below the Golyam Rezen peak (2,277 m) and Skoparnik peak (2,226 m). It was established to preserve a section of a broad-leaved forest and the alpine grass vegetation located above it. Its borders have changed a number of times. At the present moment, the reservation territory is 1,061.60 ha. In 1977 UNESCO declared the Bistrishko Branishte a biosphere reservation.
The “Torfeno Branishte” reservation was established to preserve 144.1 ha turf lands and abundant marshland vegetation in the alpine section of Vitosha.
The longest cave in Bulgaria called Duhlata is situated in the locality of the village of Bosnek, on the left bank of the Struma river. Its length is over 18 km, and about 15 km of these have been researched.


 Jobs fill your pockets, but trekking fills your soul.

Cherni Vrah

Cherni Vrah (Black Peak or Черни връх) is the highest point on the Vitosha mountain. The peak can be reached by several routes. Most of them are not very hard. There are also numerous transport options to get up the mountain as tens of thousands of people climb the mountain. The peak offer magnificent views and can be climbed within several hours (depending on the starting point).


Kamen Del

Kamen Del is shorter (1862m) than Cherni Vrah, but in provides a much clearer view of the capital. You can see memorizing sunsets or beautiful mornings without any obstructions.


Boyana waterfall

The beautiful waterfall is located with several hours of the Boyana church. The trip is relatively arduous, but without any extremes. The drop is 25 meters and in spring we can its full potential.



Next to a TV tower deteriorates and old lift. Back in the day this lift was magnificent, but today only the heavy machinery remains. It ends at “Kopitoto”. This is one of the best places to see Sofia unobstructed.

270.79 km2
2,292 m
1,275 m
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